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La Geodinámica Externa – Dr Sergio Mora Castro

Sergio Mora
Sergio Mora
Sergio MoraAuthor

Webinar Japan National Group

Tomochika TokunagaAuthor
PhD in Applied Earth Sciences (The University of Tokyo), B. Sc., M. Sc., in Structural Geology (The University of Tokyo).
He is a professor of the Geosphere Environment Systems Laboratory, the Department of Environment Systems, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo. He started his career as a research associate, then, an associate professor until being promoted as a full professor on March 2011. Between 1997 and 1998, he was a visiting researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he conducted both theoretical and experimental analyses on the behavior of anisotropic poroelastic materials.
His interests now include long-term stability of subsurface environments, dynamics of saltwater/freshwater behavior near the coast with respect to climate change both short and long-term, coupling processes of deformation and fluid flow in geological formations.
At the request of the Korean Society of Engineering Geology (KSEG) , and by recommendation from Japan Society of Engineering Geology(JSEG), this webinar was recorded for the KSEG confernce in the spring of 2021.

Study of active faults that cross lifelines

Alexander StromAuthor
Study of active faults during engineering investigations of lifelines routes

Mechanical behavior of rock materials with reference to weathering grades

Arindam Basu Author
Prof. Arindam Basu completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies from Jadavpur University and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 1997 and 1999, respectively. He pursued MPhil and PhD research at the University of Hong Kong (2000-2006) and subsequently, carried out postdoctoral research at Universidade de São Paulo (2006-2007). He joined the Department of Geology & Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur as an Assistant Professor in 2007. He has been working as a Professor in this department since 2018. His prominent research contribution lies in understanding mechanical behavior and failure modes of virtually isotropic and anisotropic rock materials including weathered rocks under different states of stress; in improving various index test methods; and in scrutinizing shear behavior of rock discontinuities that has got implications in shallow-depth rockslides. He received the Geological Society of India Sesquicentennial Commemorative Award in recognition of valuable contributions in the field of Engineering Geology in 2013. His work has been cited over 1450 times

E-YEG webinar series

The YEG group organized and recorded five webinar series. Each includes two presentations, one from a more experienced engineering geologist and one from a younger professional. The webinars are posted on this You Tube channel.

Introduction to geoethics: definition, concepts and application

Silvia PeppoloniAuthor
Current Position: PhD geologist, since 1999 researcher at the Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Rome, her scientific activity covers the fields of geomorphology, engineering geology, georisks, geoeducation and geoscience communication. From 1999 she is involved in international projects on Hazard and Risk.

Earth Fissure Disater in East African Rift System

Peng JianbingAuthor
Current Position: President of Chinese Society of Engineering Geology.

Assessing Rock Mass Behaviour for Tunnelling

Vassilis P. MarinosAuthor
Current Position: Associate Professor Of The Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, Greece Laboratory Of Engineering Geology

Behaviour of anisotropic rokmassess. A new rokmass classification system

Haris SaroglouAuthor
Current Position: Senior Teaching & Research Associate, School Of Civil Engineering, NTUA, Greece

Main expertise fields:
. Engineering behavior of rocks and rockmasses
. Weak rocks and complex formations
. Engineering geology of major infrastructure works
. Rock mechanics problems
. Geohazards and risk assessment (landslides and rockfalls)
. Protection of Cultural Heritage sites

Telephone +30 210 7722440 (GR)
Mob. +30 6932 280490 (GR)

Sustainable Groundwater Development in Africa: Insights from the field

Dr. Kerstin DanertAuthor
Current Position: Director of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) Secretariat
(SKAT/SDC/WaterAid/World Vision/Rain Foundation), Switzerland
Chair of the Programme Coordination Group
UPGro – Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poors (NERC/EXRC/DFID), UK

A three-dimensional analysis of excavation-induced perturbations in the opalinus clay

Simon LöwAuthor
Current Position: Professor Of Engineering Geology At The Institute Of Geology Of The ETH Zurich

Geotechnical Monitoring Results – Analysis & Interpretation

Dr. Dionysios KoumoutsakosAuthor
Current Position: Engineering Geologist, Geotecnical Section, Beca Group

Main activities and research interests

Part of the Waterview Connection tunnel and interchange project – the largest and most complex roading project ever undertaken in New Zealand – as the Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Manager.

At Waterview, responsible for planning and managing installation of monitoring instrumentation, managing monitoring data and reporting where trigger levels are being approached or breached. Also provide support for the project’s Design team to facilitate the successful completion of various construction packages.

Interpretation of data for the development of the geological/ geotechnical model, instrumentation and monitoring associated with underground works (tunneling and deep excavations), and geotechnical database development and management.

AGS-NZ, Geotechnical data transfer protocol, member of NZGS working panel. Management of Geotechnical databases on both civil infrastructure and tunneling projects.

Controversial issues of large-scale bedrock landslides identification

Alexander Strom, PhDAuthor
Current Position: PhD Research And Applied Studies Geodynamics Reseach Center

Branch of JSC “Hydroproject Institute” ·
Seismic hazard assessment
Russia · Moscow

Importance of Data Collection for Integrated DFN-FDEM Modelling of Rock Slope Problems

Davide Elmo, PhDAuthor
Current Position: PhD, Assistant Professor (Rock Mechanics)

NBK Institute of Mining Engineering
University of British Columbia

Monitoring and warning system for debris flow

Dr. Massimo ArattanoAuthor
Current Position: Researcher CNR IRPI

Strada delle Cacce, 73
10135 Torino
Tel.: +39 011 3977 834
Fax.:+39 011 3977 821

Mapping, Monitoring and Modelling of Rockslides

Prof. Giovanni B. CrostaAuthor
Current Position: Geological And Geotechological Sciences Dipartment University Of Milano Bicocca

Piazza della Scienza 4
20126 Milano Italy
Phone +39 02-64482029
Fax +39 02-64482073

Rock Mass classification, an engineering geological assessment. Application and limitation

Prof. Paul G. MarinosAuthor
Current Position: National Technical University Of Athens (Emeritus)

. National Technical University of Athens (Emeritus)
. Doctor honoris causa, Democritus University of Thrace
. Independent Consulting Engineer
. Past President of the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)
. Past President of Geological Society of Greece
. Co-Editor in Chief “Geotechnical and Geological Engineering”
. Knighted by the French Republic (Palmes Académiques)

23A, Panetoliou str., 11741, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 9224845, 210 7723490
Fax: +30 210 9242570