Short Course on Tunnelling

//Short Course on Tunnelling

Short Course on Tunnelling

Dear friends and colleagues,

As most of us from the geological and geotechnical background are aware, there is a huge skill shortage in the country in the field of tunnelling. With over 3000 km of tunnelling being planned in India, the pinch of the skill gap is already being felt across sectors by various stake holders, such as, contractors, consultants, project owners etc. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find enough engineers, geologists and other professionals who have a background in tunnelling.

To make a small contribution in mitigating this situation, I deliver short courses in tunnelling whenever I find time from my extremely hectic work schedule. The next Short Course on “Tunnelling” will be held in New Delhi from 7th to 10th March, 2017 (4 days). It would be a comprehensive course covering a broad range of topics related to tunnelling.

The first flyer and the brochure of the course is attached. The brochure has all the relevant details, such as, course contents, venue, course fee and bank details for making the payment.

It is the soft copy of a brochure which is set to print as a 4-page printed brochure. Therefore, the first page of the attached copy shows the first and the last page of printed brochure, and the second page of the attached copy shows that 2nd and the 3rd page (centre-spread) of the printed brochure.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Course. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.


Manoj Verman


Start Date
07 March 2017

End Date

10 March 2017


flyer march 017

Barakhamba Avenue, NEW DELHI

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