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Abstract submission of “Symposium on Engineering Gelogy and Geotechnics – ENGGEO’2019 “ has already started, and dead line for the abstract submission is 24th March 2019.

 We would like to ask you to deliver the attached poster of the symposium to the all National Groups of the IAEG, or the members of the IAEG, and also publish the symposium poster and web page on the IAEG web page.

 One of the founding objectives of the Turkish Society of Engineering Geology (MühJeoDer), representing the IAEG in Turkey, is to organize the national and international symposium, congress, workshop, conferences, etc. in order to provide the scientific communication needed in the field of Engineering Geology.
In this scope, “Symposium on Engineering Geology and Geotechnics” was projected to be organized once every two years. The next one “Symposium on Engineering Geology and Geotechnics EngGeo’2019” will be performed by a joint organization between MühJeoDer and Pamukkale University on 3-5 October 2019 at Pamukkale University Kınıklı Campus in Denizli in Turkey.
The aim of the symposium is to share and discuss technical and scientific developments in the field of engineering geology and geotechnics at national and international levels, and to bring together researchers, practitioners, engineers, representatives of public and private sector and students in the same platform in a more familiar and useful way of scientific and technical sense. We would like to invite you to be together at the symposium.

Symposium Topics
Engineering Geology and Geotechnics in;

  • Spatial planning,
  • Underground openings,
  • Conservation and renewal of historical monuments
  • Water structures,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Slope stability and landslides,
  • Open pit mining,
  • Rock structures,
  • Deep excavations
  • Geotechnical measurement and monitoring studies
  • Geo-engineering properties of rocks and soils
  • Hydrogeology in engineering applications
  • Numerical modeling techniques in geotechnical engineering
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Geodynamic behavior of rock and soil
  • Zonation in Engineering geology maps
  • Natural stones
  • Aggregates and industrial raw materials
  • Geothermal resources
  • Environmental geology
  • Education of geological engineering