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The Politecnico di Torino will host the 7th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure in Torino – Turin – Italy, on July 1-3, 2015.

The scientific programme will include:

– Key-note speakers’ lectures.

– Invited speakers’ lectures.

– Selected oral communications.

– Selected poster presentations.


The conference will focus on the following topics:

1) Sensors and sensor systems.

2) Monitoring, maintenance and lifecycle.

3) Vibrational identification and testing.

4) NDE and local observations.

5) Monitoring for active, semi-active, hybrid, passive control.

6) Weigh-in-motion and related monitoring actions.

7) Monitoring for geotechnics and early warning.

8) Risk analysis, monitoring and interdisciplinary strategies

for sustainable and resilient infrastructures

and urban systems.

9) Applications and case studies.

1st and 2nd level subtopics of Topic 1

1. Optical, radio and radar frequency sensors: Fiber optics – Laser and radar

sensors – GPS and satellite images – Image processing – Others

2. Electric and electronic sensors: Mems, motes – Wireless systems – Others

3. Nanotechnologies for sensing

1st and 2nd  level subtopics of Topics 2, 3, 4, 5, 9

1. New structures: Bridges – Buildings – Others

2. Existing structures: Bridges – Buildings – Others

3. Historical heritage: Bridges – Buildings – Others

1st and 2nd  subtopics of Topics 6, 7, 8

To be defined (if required)

Notice: the articulation in topics and subtopics appears complex, but it is designed to allow a unified and flexible structure of the call for papers and their assignment.

The final lay-out of the conference sessions will be defined when the organizing committee will have access to the submitted papers.