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The courses are in response to recent exploration activities that points to a New Exploration Cycle in the Middle Eastern Gulf Countries:

  • In late 2016 and following its West Bukha discovery offshore Oman, DNO approached NIOC for unitised joint development operation of West Bukha with NIOC’s 1999 offshore Hengam oil and gas field discovery.
  • KOC’s 3D seismic acquisition of onshore and offshore Kuwait
  • In early 2017, BAPCO of Bahrain invited international participation in a “Joint Study Agreement” of the country’s offshore
  • In April 2017, Qatar Petroleum announced the lifting of its self-imposed 12 years old pause in the development of offshore supergiant North Dome Gas Field.
  • In May 2017 NIOC announced that their newly discovered “Sepand” gas field is close to but not part of the giant South Pars offshore gas
  • In July 2017, the new Minister of Oil announced the unexplored offshores of Iraq as an exploration block among 9 new exploration blocks of the fifth bid round of Iraq.
  • RAK Gas of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE is committed to organising a new License Round for its currently unlicensed entire offshore and onshore concessions in January 1st 2018.
  • Saudi Aramco is committed to a 7,000 tons offshore redevelopment construction of platform, wellheads and pipelines in offshore Saudi Arabia during 2019.


Precambrian-Tertiary Reservoirs of Oman: Oman has been a pioneer in identifying, exploring, discovering, developing and producing Precambrian, Cambrian and Paleozoic sourced reservoirs as well as in massively producing heavy oil and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs in the Middle East. Oman provides proximal analogues for MENA countries in innovative exploration, developing and production methods from sub Infra-Cambrian salt reservoirs, as well as Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic reservoirs yet to be explored in other MENA countries.

Permian-Tertiary Reservoirs of Iran: The Arabian Plate and Arabian fields types of source, reservoir and cap rocks extends across the Arabian Gulf into the Zagros Suture, and petroleum geology of onshore and offshore Iran is a major element in understanding the geology and risk reduction of petroleum exploration and development potential of adjacent on- and off-shores of the Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This course is a must for new-venture staff and bidder on the current 17 exploration blocks and 52 field development and IOR projects on offer by the national Iranian OIl Corporation.

Jurassic-Tertiary Reservoirs of Kuwait: Kuwait Oil Company has been exploring, discovering, developing and producing some of the most prolific giant oil fields in the Middle East, that provides proximal analogues for giant oil fields explorers in other MENA countries in the form of innovative exploration plays, field development methods and production profiles of regional Middle East Mesozoic reservoirs such as the Najmah, Yamama, Burgan , Mauddud, Mishrif, and Cenozoic Reservoirs yet to be explored in other MENA countries.

The three courses constitute a comprehensive up to date review of each country and a regional understanding of border-crossing petroleum systems, exploration plays and oil and gas fields of Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Oman and other Gulf countries presented by experienced Middle East Petroleum geoscientists