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Dear colleagues,

One of the greatest challenges facing the industry today is delivering solutions which address energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability – the three core dimensions of the energy transition. These three pillars form a ‘trilemma’, affecting individuals, industry, governments and regulators. The LAC for EAGE 2020 recognizes the challenges and believes we, as geoscientists and engineers, all have a role to play in reinforcing collective ownership and responsibility to deal with these challenges, both today and tomorrow.

Energy Security includes the ongoing role for oil and gas, complemented increasingly by the diversification of cleaner renewable energy options including geothermal. We will need to be inclusive in our approach – inclusive of all energy sources, but also cognizant of all the skills, talents and digital and technical solutions that the energy transition will unlock and require.

Energy Equity recognises that even though discovered resources exist, these may remain inaccessible due to technical or economic factors. From the perspective of the consumer, especially in developing economies, energy poverty remains a real concern and access to affordable energy a key challenge. How can we, as geoscientists and engineers, contribute to finding the balance for cleaner, affordable energy.

Geoscientists, geophysicists, and engineers have always interrogated our planet to unlock its secrets and to articulate the dilemmas around environmental sustainability. That hasn’t changed and in 2020 we need to be able to speak passionately about the impact of our ambition for robust energy systems. These are systems which can deliver sustainable solutions in line with climate goals whilst meeting the increasing demand for energy and natural resources. This also includes energy and waste storage options like CCS, all ultimately influencing our ongoing social license to operate.

On behalf of EAGE and the Local Advisory Committee, I would like to invite you to join us at the RAI conference centre in Amsterdam for the 82nd EAGE conference and exhibition. The theme of the conference,

“Delivering for the ENERGY CHALLENGE: today and tomorrow”

addresses the full spectrum of the challenge with an interesting proposed line up of forums with diverse speakers and relevant examples. We also plan a field trip to look at diverse energy solutions and a wide spectrum of exhibitors reflecting the breadth of the industry in The Netherlands. The foundation of the conference is manifested in the form of high quality papers and papers.

We invite you to join the leaders and professionals covering a wide spectrum of industry, academia and other organisations from across the globe in our discussions around the Energy trilemma. I look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam in 2020.

Marc Gerrits

EAGE 2020 LAC Chairman
Shell EVP Exploration