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The Symposium “Climate Change and Natural Hazards: coping with and managing hazards in the context of a changing climate”, will be held at the University of Padova, Italy, on 25th-26th February 2019. The Symposium is being organized by the Research and Transfer Centre “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management” of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University of Padova (Italy), and the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP), in cooperation with Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), and various international organisations concerned with climate change and hazards.

The aims of the Symposium are as follows:

I. to provide research institutions, universities, NGOs, government agencies and enterprises with an opportunity to showcase their work in the field of climate change and hazards.
II. to foster the exchange of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of projects, especially successful initiatives and good practice.
III. to discuss methodological approaches and experiences deriving from case studies and projects, which aim to show how causes and impacts of climate change hazards may be addressed in practice.
IV. to provide networking opportunities for the participants and provide a platform so they can explore possibilities for cooperation.

The Symposium is essentially a transdisciplinary and cross-stakeholders event. This means that it will offer an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, government officials and others working on matters related to climate change and hazards to come together to discuss research methods, the results of empirical research or exchange ideas about on-going and future initiatives which aim at providing a better understanding of how climate issues influence livelihoods.

A further aim of the event will be to document and disseminate the wealth of experiences available today. For this purpose, the book “Climate Change and Natural Hazards: coping with and managing hazards in the context of a changing climate” will be published, with all accepted papers. This will be a further volume of the award-winning book series “Climate Change Management” published by Springer, which since its creation in 2008 has become the world´s leading book series on climate change management. Publications part of this high level, peer-reviewed series, officially count as a scientific output for promotion and tenure purposes, and many scientists/academics have over the past 10 years benefitted from it.