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Short Course 1: UAV Remote Pilot Ground School 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cost (per person): $250 Member Professionals, $300 Non-Member Professionals, $50 Students (Limited to 5 students)

This course is focused on individuals who will be taking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot (RP) Part 107 Knowledge Test. Earning FAA RP certification allows an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), a.k.a. drone, pilot to fly UAS as a government operator.

Participants in the course should be prepared to study on their own after the class to cover the remaining topic areas. However, with a concentrated effort most should be able to take the test within a couple of weeks after the class and should schedule accordingly (testing center information provided in the course). Our focus is on the two most difficult subject areas; aviation weather and airspace plus a brief overview of the remaining topics. We provide all of the materials, come and enjoy the class. 


Short Course 2: Equipment for Environmental Field Projects:  “Be Prepared” – Equipment Selection and Troubleshooting for Project Managers and Field Personnel

Saturday, September 22, 2019

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost (per person): $150 Member Professionals, $200 Non-Member Professionals, $25 Students (Limited to 5 students)

This short course presented by Pine Environmental will focus on how those in decision-making roles on environmental projects can properly select the equipment necessary for a specific project in order to be properly prepared and equipped prior to and during the field portion of projects.  The course will delve in-depth on the processes and questions necessary to ensure that the proper equipment is chosen.

The course will also cover troubleshooting for various commonly utilized equipment that can be performed by field personnel.  This troubleshooting can be invaluable in regards to project schedule and costs in that something as a push of a button, the toggle of a switch, or a factory reset could prevent a costly project delay. 

The course will also provide field and management personnel ample opportunity to ask questions in regards to the types and uses of environmental equipment available for various project needs, and will include hands-on demonstrations of various commonly-used equipment. 


Short Course 3: Geologic Mapping in the Digital Era: Data Collection and Rock Slope Stability Analysis

Saturday, September 22, 2019

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cost (per person): $275 Member Professionals, $325 Non-Member Professionals, $50 Students (Limited to 5 students)

Collecting geologic data in the field is an integral part of a geoscientist.  Mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, toughbooks and other digital devices, have revolutionized the methods by which geologic data is collected in the field and incorporated in to maps, and engineering and environmental projects.  This short-course will focus on integrating mobile devices and apps into the collection of geologic data in the field. The short course will consist of an overview and instruction during the morning, followed by a hands-on exercise in the afternoon.  The hands-on exercise will involve the use of a smartphone or tablet to collect data at a roadcut and export the data to visualize.  There are many apps that exist for geologic data collection.  The apps that we will use to collect data is Clino (Free) and FieldMove (around $20).  

For the hands-on exercise the participants will need to have a smart phone or tablet with either app Clino or FieldMove installed.  Tablets will need to be GPS enabled or connected to a device that is GPS capable (e.g., wireless Bluetooth GPS device or smartphone).  Hard hats, high-visibility vest, and sturdy boots or shoes are highly recommended.  Any digital maps, imagery or other geologic datasets will be provided.   Possible UAS Rock Face Mapping Demo by NCDOT possible.