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We are pleased to announce the 30th session of the advanced course in assessment and management of geological and climate

related risk (CERG-C).


This course includes 5 modules:

  • Risk management
  • Volcanic risk
  • Seismic risk
  • Flood and climate related risk
  • Landslide risk


This course is designed to be of interest to professional and scientists from a wide background including geologists, civil engineers,

physical geographers, social scientists or other field specialists. Participants typically come from governmental, non-governmental,

international organizations or private institutions. Our main goal is to develop multidisciplinary skills for the assessment and management

of natural risk.


This training takes place over 9 weeks, including field immersion. The 2017 session will run from April 10 until June 9, 2017. Interested people can register using the guidelines provided on the CERG-C website at http://www.unige.ch/hazards. The deadline for the CERG-C 2017 is September 16, 2016.


Attached to this letter, you will find a poster and a flyer about the course. We would appreciate if you can display this information

and/or forward to anyone who may be interested in this specialised training.


For more information, contact us at mailto:cerg@unige.ch.