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The ocean is the cradle of life, and rich in natural resources. With the worldwide boom in exploration and application of ocean resources, a dramatically increasing amount of coastal and offshore engineering facilities have been designed and constructed. The rapid development of human economic activities and global climate change have been leading to a big impact on the marine environment, resulting in frequent geological disasters. Under this circumstance, there is an urgent need to have a platform on which the scientists and engineers can show and share their state-of-art research in the field of Marine Engineering Geology. The 2nd International Symposium of Marine Engineering Geology (ISMEG 2019) will be held in Dalian, China between 18 and 20 October 2019. The theme of this symposium is “Exploration of Marine Resources and Marine Engineering Geology”. It will provide opportunities for participants worldwide to discuss their recent advances, to share their knowledge and to identify future research directions in of Marine Engineering Geology.

Welcome to Dalian in 2019!