To develop guidelines for the preparation and use of engineering geological models. C25 is one of a number of IAEG commission established as a result of wide-ranging discussions following the First Hans Cloos Lecture (Knill, 2001) at the 9th IAEG Congress in Durban, South Africa. Baynes & Rosenbaum (2004) noted that the primary focus of these discussion was the use of models within engineering geology, in particular do we need guidelines for the preparation of models and how should uncertainty be addressed?

C25 was established in March 2009 and commission members are located around the world and so discussions are primarily by e-mail. However, meetings of the Commission were held during the 7th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG in Chengdu, China Chengdu in September 2009, during the 11th IAEG Congress in Auckland New Zealand in September 2010 and during the 11th International Symposium on Landslides and Engineered Slopes in Banff, Canada in June 2012.

C25 has issued a report in the Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment

A report will also be made at the 12th IAEG Congress in Turin in September 2014.

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Steve Parry

Fred Baynes