Commission 10: Building stones and ornamental rocks

//Commission 10: Building stones and ornamental rocks

Commission 10: Building stones and ornamental rocks

This commission still exists today and continues the work of Asher Shadmon. Many substantial reports of its activities throughout the years, and reports from individual countries, have been presented in the IAEG councils and some were published in the newsletters of the Association. A lot of interaction between members has taken place during almost all the congresses and annual IAEG symposia. The commission was also involved, through Asher Shadmon, in the publications of books on stones by UNESCO together with local organisations or companies (Stones in South Africa, Nordic stones, Stones in Scotland). “Heritage stones” formed as a C10 task group during the IGC congress in Oslo. It has developed into a subcommission within IUGS Commission on Geoheritage. The 1st volume on Heritage stones of GSL (SP407) was published in 2015 and a 2nd volume is well on its way. Seminars, coordinated by both Commissions were organised, primarily in the frame of the EGU, IGC and Global Stone Congresses.

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