Appointment of committee members

//Appointment of committee members

Appointment of committee members

It is with great excitement that we announce a big milestone for the YEGs- the official appointment of our committee members. Within the IAEG management the YEG committee exists to represent the interests of all its young members. We have had a great response to our request for volunteers, who are a part of a committee with representatives from Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, Romania, Greece, Nigeria, Russia, Argentina, Serbia, India, Australia, Turkey and Norway!

The overall objective is ”to ensure the future of the IAEG through the promotion of the interests of young engineering geologists (YEGs) and their increasing involvement in the activities of the Association.” As a committee, we have an exciting opportunity to create a new environment for young engineering geologists and influence the culture within the young membership!! We hope with input from so many dynamic young leaders, and by extension their regional network, we will see an increase in young membership and participation in activities.



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